Wednesday, August 27, 2008

democratic/ Democrats ?

After being exhilarated by the Olympics on TV, now we have to sit through the political conventions before we can get back to normal television programming.
(Why we have conventions any more is beyond me. I can remember when the race for president wasn't decided until after several votes on the convention floor and many back-room meetings. But lately, the party's candidate is decided in the Spring and it's all over but the shouting (speeches) at the conventions in late summer and fall.)

But lately, I'm beginning to think the Democrat party has changed its name.
The party leader declared 'this Democratic" meeting open.

Isn't the party's name -- the Democrat Party?

How come in the past few years, so many people call it "the Democratic Party?" All over the media, pundits use the word "Democratic" instead of the word "Democrat" when talking about the Democrat political party.
(Hey guys, those Republicans aren't democratic, WE are.)

As a person who works with words, I find it offensive when people use words wrong.

Wow -- even Google is using it when linking to Democrat web pages -- probably because the web page writers put that word in the 'searchable terms' area of the page. Try it -- go search Democrat in Google and check out what the first few links are called.
First link -- The Democratic Convention
Watch live video of the Democratic National Convention in Denver!

I rest my case. They've changed their name.

Sorry folks -- democratic is a way of electing government officials - the way of democracy/ the democratic way. The United States of America has a democratic type of government.
The political party is the Democrat Party.


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