Monday, August 11, 2008

What do Astronauts do?

What Do Astronauts Do? by Carmen Bredeson. Enslow, 2008. (part of the I Like Space! series)

Space expert Carmen Bredeson's latest book about Space Exploration -- this time for the youngest reader. Unfortunately, Enslow decided not to follow the typical early- reader size of book. (taller than wide) They used the more old-fashioned picture book shape -- wider than tall. This means that, instead of being shelved with the first grade readers in most libraries, they will be shelved in the general nonfiction.

Each double page spread discusses one topic, answering many burning questions about what an astronaut does. In five sentences -- they blast off. (Fun fact -- they wear diapers during liftoff!) The illustrations combine cartoons with actual, factual photographs.

What is it like in space?
How do they eat?
How do they go to the bathroom?

(Personal fact -- When my oldest daughter was in middle school, she wanted to write a report about the astronaut bathroom information -- but NASA wouldn't tell her anything. Kids want to know these things. Finally, Sally Ride came out with her book and there was a picture of the astronaut's bathroom. Yea! )

The chapter on this subject contains three sentences, along with an excellent photograph that answers that burning question about bathrooms in space for this modern generation.

Available now.

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