Saturday, August 16, 2008

What have we been doing?

Last weekend my sister and her daughter were in town. The 8-year old and I picked them up at the airport and took them home for crab cakes and corn on the cob. yummy. My niece was here to attend Oticon (sp) -- an Anime convention here in Baltimore -- with one of her friends. (I've learned this week that several of the teens from my library area also attended.) While the girls were there, my sister explored the downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor area with the mother of that friend.

Sunday the 8-year old and I toured the National Aquarium in Baltimore, then picked my sister and her daughter up from the convention. (Carefully avoiding running over strangely costumed conference goers leaving the convention.) We had delicious Gelato at a store in Fells Point (another tourist area of Baltimore more old-timey than the Inner Harbor) then took them back to the airport.

This weekend we do a similar thing with my daughter. She's flying in from San Diego on Sunday for a Pharmacy convention. (yes, in the same convention center) Except this this time I'll have both grandchildren with me. The 5-year old has just turned 6 and her Aunt wants to take her to dinner (Rainforest Cafe was the kid's choice) and give her some birthday presents. My husband will meet us there. Thank heavens he doesn't mind the Rainforest Cafe and all its noise. (jungle animals, don't cha know)

Once we return Aunt to her hotel in downtown Baltimore, we probably won't see her again -- because my work schedule conflicts with any off time she'll have from the convention. Too bad.

On the writing front, since I knew that I would be working on Saturday and with my daughter and grandchildren on Sunday, I put the finishing touches on my writing packet on my day off -- Friday.

What's a Writing Packet? Well, for the picture book Certificate group at Vermont College, it's 3 or more picture book manuscripts, an annotated bibliography of 25 picture books, a discussion of at least one 'craft' book (writing craft, that is), a discussion of the progress of my semester essay, and a cover letter describing it all with the above manuscripts attached. whew! Got it done and sent. Early. It was due Monday, August 18.

This packet was relatively easy to put together. Relative to what comes next. The next one will be harder -- because I'll have to revise most of these stories responding to the revision notes that come back and send them back to the Instructor.

Can I rest? no. This week I must revise that manuscript I had sent last Monday. It's due next Monday.
This schedule goes on and on until December. Wish me luck that I can survive this.

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