Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics and Summer Reading Program news

There are only three more days left for the County-wide library's Summer Reading program. Saturday is the last day kids can turn in their list of 10 books read this summer and get their prize. (a book) Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers only had to read three. And the little non-readers can turn in a list of 25 books people have read to them. (and get a book and a pre-cut bee.) And the kids have been pouring in this week.

We have lists of 'completers' from each of the local schools decorating our Children's room. Plus pictures of bugs and butterflies all over the wall. The actual, factual butterflies are still on display, flitting around their little butterfly cage.

Plus -- we have our new wide screen TV out in the library showing the Olympics.

On the writing side, I've turned in my first Vermont College picture book assignment and now am printing out the critiques. Revision is due in two weeks. (hmmm, that's also the first day of school for the 8 year old.)

Olympic fever has hit all over. The 8 year old stays up watching the Olympics every night -- until she simply falls asleep and we have to put her to bed. Even her day care/ summer camp is celebrating the Olympics this week and next. They had a parade of nations on Tuesday.

She was inspired by the olympics four years ago to begin gymnastics, which she continues taking today -- as a recreational sport. Although she was invited to try out for the junior team, because we both work full time, we just couldn't manage to get her to the 12 hours of practice a week necessary for team members. We do good getting her to her one hour a week.

She's fastinated by our Maryland swimmer, Michael Phelps. I'm hoping she watches his swimming technique so that when she swims on the swim team next summer, she'll be even faster than she was this summer.


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