Monday, September 22, 2008

Nonfiction Monday = Walk-around Tacos

Walk-around Tacos and other likeable lunches by Nick Fauchald. Picture Window Books, 2008. Part of the KIDS DISH series. Available now.

Can't think of anything for the kid's lunches? Here are some ideas -- and easy to make, too. hmmm. I'm afraid not too many are suitable for school lunchbags, but they make great so-it-yourself treats for weekends. Especially if your kids have friends over. They can make it a group project. Fun.

An -- nice. The Glossary of cooking terms (and tips on how to do things easily) is in the front of the book. Handy. Then pictures of "kitchen tools."

You say HERO and I say SUB and they're both the same thing -- so this book calls them: Super Hero Subs. Smart.

What IS a Walkaround Taco? You get you 4 small bags of corn chips. You add your taco ingredients to the bag and -- boom! You have a Walkaround Taco. (Remind them not to throw the fork away when they toss the empty bag.)

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