Monday, September 29, 2008

Nonfiction Monday -- Nic Bishop Spiders

Nic Bishop Spiders, written and illustrated by Nic Bishop (Scholastic Nonfiction, an imprint of Scholastic), 2007.
ALA Sibert Informational Book Medal honor.
Mentioned in the previous post.

I've gotta tell you, even tho I couldn't bear to look at the slides he showed about his spiders, I was enthralled hearing the background story of his adventures photographing spiders. This cover spider is a dancing spider -- but he only shows off to female spiders. So Nic had to also have female spiders on hand during his photo shoot.

If you know kids who are are fascinated by unusual web crawlers, this is a good book on the subject. (Just don't ask me to look at the cover as I hand it out. In fact, when I discussed this book at our librarian's meeting, I carried it to the meeting covered in papers/ carefully slid the paper off the front cover while I talked about it/ keeping papers over the huge spider picture on the back of the book -- this guy used every surface he could to place his photographs.)

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