Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spider month


September is Spider month in Maryland. (and with global warming, October will be, too.)
Don't expect me to show up anywhere near where a spider has been. (Have you walked into any webs lately? Double yuck!)

Who is going to change the program announcements on the library's outdoor sign?
Not me. Not during Spider months. Luckily I'm on a team and others 'volunteer' to do it, then.

Periodically, my writing income pays for housecleaning. The nicest thing the cleaning ladies can say to me is to total up the number of spiders (and spider eggs) they have removed. My heros! A spider-free house for a few days!
So, I'm in the bathroom, feeling great after they leave because there are no spiders around -- and what do I see?
(smash! whipe up spider mess. Throw out the tissue that has wiped up the mess. )
Oooh, that gives me chills.

Anywho -- do NOT expect to see any reviews of spider books on this blog. And there will not be a picture attached to this message folks. There is no way I'm going to search through spider pictures to find the perfect one for my blog. No way.

I even have problems weeding out the old spider books from my library's collection -- and don't you dare show me those new spider titles that have come in.

Did you know that a SPIDER book won a Sibert Informational Book Medal honor at ALA? Nic Bishop Spiders, written and illustrated by Nic Bishop (Scholastic Nonfiction, an imprint of Scholastic) I had to sit at that award ceremony while he showed slides of his favorites. Yes, it's interesting that the cover picture is actually of a teeny tiny spider and he's quite beautiful -- but did you have to reproduce him so large?


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