Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week

Too busy to blog -- that's me.
In fact, it's been so long that Blogger has forgotten me and I had to go through that whole sign-in routine, again, just to get here.

This week I'm trying to digest the things my Vermont College advisor told me about my packet of stories, and essay, and bibliography of picture books. She said one story was ready to go! Yeah! And others need work. And that I'm thinking like a librarian and not a writer. Oh-no! Gotta correct that part.

Also, it was the week we sent our revised stories to the picture book Forum for the group (and our advisor) to critique. Thank heavens it was deemed, 'improved.'

On the Library front -- I'm working on weeding the J Fiction, while trying not to use my left arm. It's amazing what you automatically use your left hand and arm for. I always thought I was right-handed with a little bit of ambidextrousness, but these past few weeks have been quite a shock -- to find out just how much I actually use that left hand/ arm. (especially when I'm not supposed to. Most of the bruises from my fall have healed, but that rotary cuff is still bothering me.)

I put up a Pirate display (complete with pirate tattoos. One of the Vermont College graduates gave a lecture about the history of pirates and had a lot of leftover tattoos after her program. She let me have some to give to the children at my library.)

Today I had a Flower Fairy Festival at the library and then put the leftover fairy books where the Pirate books had been.

Tomorrow, the 8-year old and I will go to the annual Greek Festival, put on by the local Greek church. I go for the food and to watch the dancing. The 8-year old goes for the dancing and the games and crafts. Last year we both got Jingle scarfs to wear around our hips, so we'll probably wear them this year, over our skirts.

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