Thursday, December 18, 2008

One week? One Week!

I've been so immersed in completing everything for this semester at Vermont College that, when I printed out the last item (due to be in the college office on Friday) and lifted my head from the computer, I was shocked to discover that next week is Christmas. Yikes!

School closing Tuesday. Tuesday?
I hadn't sent in anything for the 9-year-old's school Christmas party which turns out to be this Friday. We'll have to do the class Christmas cards tonight. (making note to search the attic for those Christmas cards I bought at half price last year.)

It's too late to mail things to my daughters in California and expect them to arrive before Christmas. It's a good thing I went onto the LL Bean website last week and ordered some things to be sent. I guess, if I want other things to get to my relatives, I'll have to go back online. I hear that gift cards are nice. (as long as I do not give gift cards for stores planning to go out of business in January.)

There's no use planning to shop on Sunday -- they are calling for an ice storm this Sunday. (I work this Saturday.)

Is our house decorated, yet?
You've got to be kidding. Nope. Nadda.

The nine-year old will be a "WHO" in the 'Grinch that Stole Christmas' at her day care. TODAY! (It's a huge place and they do large productions for holidays.) So this morning we had to get her dressed into a suitable 'who' skirt and striped tights. Pink stripes below and green top above -- sounds suitably Christmas to me. And then her hair. Have you SEEN the who hairstyles? Hairspray was necessary and I'm still not sure it will be together by showtime at 5:30. We shall see.

A redheaded boy will play the part of the Grinch. This should be in-ter-est-ing.

I hope you are more 'ready for the holidays' than I am.

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Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

I'm sure she gave a new dimension to the play. May all who celebrate have had a wonderful holiday, with lots of good memories and edible goodies.