Friday, December 19, 2008

Signing Books on Saturday

If you are in the neighborhood of the Bel Air Library (Maryland) on Saturday afternoon, I'll be signing books at the library store. It's located at the entrance of the building and is full of great last-minute Holiday gifts.

If not signing, then I'll do a storytime for any passing children. If not doing a storytime because most sensible people will be at the mall doing last minute Christmas shopping before the snowstorm hits Saturday night, then I'll be sitting there reading a book or playing with the Folkmanis puppets they sell at the library store.

Anywho, see you there?

(entered later -- what I actually did was knit, smile at the people entering and leaving the library, and talk to those who were interested about books, writing, and getting published. And let the kids pet my groundhog and kitten puppets. Oh, and one gentleman entertained me by telling me why his last name was worse than mine. Yes, I actually did sign some books for people to give to little ones for Holiday presents.)
-wendie Old

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