Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is just to say --
I suddenly have time.

Time to straighten my room,
to find bills that need to be paid,
to find the federal discount cards for the box to attach to my analog TV antenna --
which I now can't use because they have expired.
to find a basket (or two) of wash that needs to be put away,
to gather all those things that need to go to the cleaners.

I now have time
to make beds,
to do all the wash that was waiting until I had 'time,'
to plant the bulbs that I bought with such hopes.
(Luckily it's warm enough today to do it)
to caulk the leaky windows to keep the house warm.

The reason I have time
is that I completed my last packet for Vermont College.
And because Christmas is over and all the presents were wrapped and given out or sent.
(Okay, there are a few more to send, but I now have time to do it.)

Time is a wonderful thing to have.
Don't you agree?

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Corey Schwartz said...

Hi Wendy,
Got your kidslitosphere email and stopped by to say hello. Nice blog. Come visit me some time.