Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Sesame Street Wonderfulness

Hmm, It's possible that "wonderfulness" may be a word copyrighted by Fuse #8. I am greatly influenced by her blog.

Anywho -- here's a link to more information about Sesame Street:
It's a CNN article about how the various Muppets got their characters.

Some of Jim Henson's puppets were based on real people
Some puppets were originally made from household items
Count von Count's character was changed for fear he would scare children
The voice of a New York cab driver inspired Oscar the Grouch's voice

I was reading The Longstockings Blog and Siobhan Vivian directed people to this article in her post about Character Development.

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laurasalas said...

I LOVE Sesame Street. I'm actually sad my kids are way too old to watch it anymore, and this makes me realize I need to turn it on just for me every once in a while! :>)