Saturday, February 21, 2009

This week -- booksale and more

It's Saturday - already?

Our library is in the middle of a massive weeding project. I've been coming home from work exhausted. Luckily this week was also our Friends of the Library Booksale. (of books we have weeded/ removed from the library, plus books people have donated.)

Have you ever come to a library booksale? Remember that Best Seller you loved, loved, loved but didn't buy because it was $32? So you read a library copy, instead? Well, if you go to a library booksale, you can buy that book for 50 cents. Recorded books? On sale for one dollar. (reduced price. They began the week at $3.00.)

On the home front -- the 9-year-old's soccer team finally won a game! She was the team goalie for two quarters and did an excellent job.

And me? I finally got some manuscripts in the mail, again. One proposal to two agents and a different story sent directly to two editors. With any luck, I'll get more in the mail, soon. During last fall, while I took that writing course from Vermont College, I didn't send anything out. I simply focused on writing, trying to make myself a better writer. It's going to take me a while to absorb all the things I've learned, but yes -- it was worth it.

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