Thursday, April 2, 2009

Booksigning Nightmare

A few days ago my husband cut a comic strip out of the paper and gave it to me.
I took one look and said, "Yup -- I've been there."

It was a picture of an author at a table, ready to sign books -- should anyone happen to buy his book. Next to him is another table with a puppy.

On the author's table is the sign, "Meet an Author."
On the puppy's table is the sign, "Meet a Puppy."

I'll give you three guesses as to whose table had a long line of people, and the first two guesses don't count. Ah, you guessed the puppy table, right? With nobody in line to talk to the author.

Been there/ done that.

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laurasalas said...

Oh, that's just too close to reality. I've had a few memorable signings lately, but at least none where I had to compete with a puppy!

(My husband thinks I should bring real animals with me to signings, since my book is animal-themed, but the logistics are just too hard.)