Sunday, April 19, 2009

The search for the Top 100 Picture Books

For you picture book fans out there, I hope you are following Betsy Bird's blog these days. She's listing the Top 100 Picture Books of All Time.

In March, she asked her blog readers to send her their choices of the top 10 picture books of all time.
I couldn't do it -- I sent her 12.
Naturally my choices focused on the writing (books with authors different from the illustrator) rather than those wonderful Caldecott winners done by Illustrators [almost wordless] or author/ Illustrators.

Using some complicated calculations, she came up with the top 100 of all time. Some of the winners are a complete surprise -- to her as well as to most of the rest of us.
This isn't just a list.
She is also writing reviews of them, analyzing why they work so well as picture books and offering them to her blog readers five at a time. She's into the top 30 of the list by now, but each blog post has links to the earlier reviews.

(and yes, I know this is not a scientific study -- just a survey of books submitted by her blog readers.)

Besides being a children's librarian, Betsy has some picture books of her own coming out soon, which means she's looking at these as a writer as well as a librarian.

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