Monday, April 27, 2009

NF Monday -- Do You Know where Your Water Has Been?

Do You Know where Your Water Has Been? -- the Disgusting Story Behind What You're Drinking by Kelly Regan Barnhill. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 2009. Part of a series called Edge Books. All of which have "the disgusting story behind..." as part of their subtitle. Available now.

Oh my goodness -- the title fills up the whole spine of the book! There's no room for the author's name or the publisher's or anything. But the title and front cover certainly has child-appeal. I could barely wrest the book from the 9-year-old's hands; she's so eager to read it.

Each page contains a large photograph with dialog boxes facing a page of neat facts with more dialogue boxes overlaid. (I'll try to see if Amazon has a 'search inside" so you can see this. No, they don't. Oh well.)

Some pages have drawings. (the flow of water through a water filtration plant) It begins with a zinger -- people using germ laden, garbage filled water to drink, cook with, and wash clothes. Yuck. Then, after a short trip through history examining how ancient people purified water, the author explains modern water treatment. Lo and behold -- the modern treatment uses some of the same techniques as the ancients!

The writing style is chatty and casual, very accessible for children -- "Imagine the funky gunk that ducks and other creatures leave in lake water." (Ewuuuu -- I CAN imagine it.)

For Second Grade readers and up.
Other books in the series include Garbage, Waste, Dumps, and YOU -- the disgusting story behind what we leave behind.

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-wendie old

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