Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggs, the sign of new life

Yesterday we (two 9-year-olds and me) colored Easter Eggs. (yes we remembered to hard boil them, but it was a near thing. I had forgotten to do that the night before, so it took time to cool them in ice water before we began.)

Eggs are such good symbols of Spring -- the return of life after the dead of winter. (Especially since living things pop out of them.) Many religions use eggs for this reason. You can't always trust Wikipedia, but it seems to have a lot of nice information about the spring traditions of eggs here.

For many years I would get up early to hide the eggs and the Easter Basket in plain sight in our living room. This year I included small chocolate eggs from the local candy store. (They were all out of the chocolate bunnies on a Motorcycle my husband likes and the 9-year-old never eats the chocolate bunnies I have bought for her -- so why bother? I got her a jigsaw puzzle featuring a kitten, instead.)

Even though she doesn't believe anymore that the Easter Bunny hides the eggs, she won't give up the egg hunt. However, it made it easier for me to be able to sleep in. I hid the eggs later while she is ate her breakfast and made sure the new kitten ate hers.

Spring is here. The grass is ris.
(along with much complaing by my husband)
And flowers are popping out all over.
Happy Spring!
-wendie old

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