Saturday, July 11, 2009

ALA intro

I'm here at ALA and am much busier than I thought I'd be.
A short summary:

Thursday evening 500 librarians (including me) trooped down into the basement of the Chase building to become the audience for the PBS radio show -- Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! Although he began with a lot of librarian jokes, (most of them centering around his amazement that 500 librarians would even want to buy out the place to be the audience for the show) I heard from someone who listened to the program when it was broadcast on Saturday that those jokes were eliminated.

As was the response from the librarians when he mentioned using Wikipedia as a trusted source. (gasps/ hisses/ and boos)

I tried taking a few picture with my I-Phone. hmm they are a bit out of focus. I guess I'll learn how to use it soon. (photos will be inserted just as soon as I learn how to move them from i-Photo onto my blog)

Friday I spent at an all day course about taking digital photographs and how to use them in blogs and websites.
Unfortunately, I thought the course would teach me how to actually insert them, but that didn't happen. I did learn a lot about cameras and 'correcting' pictures and legalities of using pictures found on the web. The afternoon was a blur of various things Flickr could do. My mind was reeling by the time we were done.

Today is/ was Saturday (It's still Saturday in Chicago, but it's past midnight for the East Coast. Who knows what day the computers with assign to this blog entry? ) I'll write more about Saturday on another blog. Three workshops with about an hour in the exhibits in between. Then two publisher's parties.

more later. -wendie old

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