Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!
I hope you enjoyed parades and fireworks and food roasted over hot coals.

My family gifted me with some time alone today. They went to the pool's Fourth of July party while I stayed home trying to organize things for my trip to ALA next week.
(Speaking 10:30 am at the Nonfiction Book Blast and signing at Albert Whitman's booth from 2 to 3 pm -- all on Sunday)

I've searched all over. (and in the process have straightened up places that haven't seen daylight for months/ years/ eons) And still have not been able to find any sign of ALA having sent me my nametag and tickets to the various workshops and dinners I've paid for. It just supports what I've thought all along -- it never was sent.

So I e-mailed the organizers asking for an e-confirmation that I can use to get into things.
and e-mailed the workshop organizer asking where the workshop will be held.
Once the paperwork is in order, then onward to the packing.

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