Thursday, July 16, 2009

RWA -- here I come

ALA was busier than expected.
Later I'll do a post all about my Sunday presentation and the wonderful signing that afternoon.
Right now I'm waiting for my ALA clothes to finish washing, so I can repack them to attend another conference this weekend -- The Romance Writers of America.

I fully believe in cross-fertilization. About 10 years ago I thought about changing from writing children's books to writing sweet romances. Since the RWA conference was in Washington, DC that year, I attended -- to test the waters. After a workshop about finances, I decided that romance writers worked twice as hard as I had been working, with about the same income to show for it. So, back to writing for children I went.

However, their workshops were great for the mid-list writer and many things they said could be applied to writing for children. Which is why I keep up my membership and do attend RWA National whenever it returns to Washington, DC.

I'll try to type up my ALA notes, later.
and tell you about some of my adventures in Chicago.
Meanwhile, I have to close this and go check the dryer. Time to hang up the 'good' clothes.
good night.

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