Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The week before Christmas isn't kind to writing projects. It's best to just accept that your mind is on other things and 'go with the flow.'

Do you have presents for everyone? Does Uncle whatshisface need another present? (I spent some time looking for an orange peeler for him -- simply because I think mine is such a neat food tool and would like him to enjoy using one, too.)

Does the kid have too many presents? (only children have that problem. When I grew up, in a family of four children, you knew you'd get either one large present or four smaller presents. Being the oldest, I ended up just sitting there with a smile pasted on my face while the younger kids went wild with their presents.)

Do we have enough cookies? pies? Should I get the roast beast today or tomorrow? (I got it today and it's sitting in the refrig as I type.) What else do we need for the 25th? Making a list and checking it twice.

Fun, fun, fun.

Also, I finally bit the bullet and joined Facebook. Now how can I get my blog to show up there as well as here?
Fan page? What's a Fan page?

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