Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wood stove warmth on the night before Christmas

Warm, warm, loverly warmth!

We've been trying to keep the house warm with electric heat -- which works well enough when the outside temperature is 40 degrees. But as soon as it goes below freezing, and stays there, we have to start using the wood stove to keep warm.

But first -- the chimney has to be cleaned.
Normally we get this done sometime in the fall, but this year December suddenly came upon us and we realized that it had not been done. Can't begin wood stove heating season with a dirty chimney.
(unless you want a chimney fire.)
(we've had several of those. It's embarrassing to have those handsome, young, good-looking firefighters tramping through our cluttered house, directing their detectors toward the chimney wall on all three floors to detect how far up the chimney the fire has progressed.)

Dangerous? Not really. This stone house has been sitting here since 1740.
What's to burn? The walls are 2 to 3 foot thick stone walls. And the shingles on the roof are fire resistant.

My husband cleaned the chimney a day or so ago and lit a fire in the wood stove last night.
Ummmmm. Warmth!
This house was built to be heated with wood -- every room has a fireplace.

So, we're not worried about Santa attempting to come down the wood stove's chimney tonight. He can take his pick of any of the others. (The 10-year-old is rooting for the man in red to choose the chimney in her room. )

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