Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

May Day -- the First of May.
It used to be a fun festival of flowers (love the alliteration), but these days -- nothing.
I was thinking about writing a May Day Book of Facts and Fun -- but since nobody celebrates it in the United States anymore, probably not a good idea. (I did find a lot of pictures on Google Images, so it must be still celebrated somewhere.)

How's my revising going?
Fairly well. I'm almost done with the first pass through.
Then I'll print it out and see how it reads.

Word-wise, I've passed Junie B. Jones. Headed toward ivy and Bean. (see previous post to understand THAT comment.)

Too bad it's turned warm -- and I want to be outside. Hmmm, maybe I can take my laptop out there to type?

so-so. No, I've not done everything I thought I was going to be able to do, darn it. I'll have to simply keep on trudging on until I get the piles of stuff conquered. (It's hard to train the rest of the family to pick up and put away. It's like they can't hear me when I ask them to Move IT.)

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