Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get a free Critique of your writing

Today is EARTH DAY
Today is also the celebration of the first Blogiversary of! This blog is run by a group six children's book authors who also teach writing. Once you get to their site, you'll recognize that they are some of your favorite authors.
* April Halprin Wayland
* Carmela Martino
* Esther Hershenhorn
* Jeanne Marie Grunwell Ford
* JoAnn Early Macken
* Mary Ann Rodman

As a thank-you gift to their readers, they're offering a special "choose your own critique" giveaway.

Readers can enter to win a critique of one of the following:
a picture book manuscript,
nonfiction piece,
novel opening (about 10 pages or your first chapter,
short story,
or poetry.

For details, click on Teaching Authors.


Carmela Martino said...

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word, Wendie!

April Halprin Wayland said...

Wendie--gracias--and happy Earth Day!