Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So much for Nonfiction Monday.
Monday was the first day of Summer Reading. We figured (okay, I figured) that, because school is still in session, the day wouldn't be as busy as a normal beginning day of the Summer Reading Program.

In the morning we were busy registering preschoolers.

They tell me that there was a lull of a few hours in the afternoon, but all h*ll broke lose once school let out. I wasn't there. I was at the 4th grade picnic as the representative parent for the 10-year-old. My husband couldn't make it because his library system was closing a branch and moving it to a new building, which meant the computer department was in charge of unwiring and packing up the computers. (at the picnic she was embarrassed when a boy came over to tell me how much he LOVED her. She doesn't even like him! Oh my, what a catty discussion she and her friends had when he moved away. It turns out that he's not very nice -- he gropes girls. In fourth grade? Yuck.)

When I returned to the branch at 5:00, the person on the children's desk was sooooo glad to see me. A few minutes there, I could see why. Busy, busy, busy.

We have a table set up in the Children's Room with several middle schoolers registering the elementary students for the Summer Reading Program and giving them string backpacks and nice coupons. All their younger siblings get registered over at the Children's Information Desk. Me. (ooops, the desk is now called the "Ask a Librarian Desk.") These little ones are being given a yellow tote bag plus the coupons. It was fun, but exhausting.

Meanwhile, my husband had taken over Kid-duty Monday evening and was the representative parent at her first Swim Meet of the summer. Last year my husband would e-mail me after every event she was in to tell me how she did. Monday I didn't have a moment to look at my e-mail, so I had no idea what had happened. Amazingly enough, this year she was in the first heats, which meant that her second place in breaststroke counted for the team total points.

But most amazing of all, the coach put her in IM. (Individual medly -- one length each of the four strokes) It was her first time doing this and my husband says she looked practically dead when he pulled herself out of the pool. But, She managed to complete it. We're so proud of her for even attempting to do this.

Why did I tell you all this? To explain why I didn't do Nonfiction Monday on Monday. Too busy/ too tired.

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Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes said...

Congratulations on surviving the signups for summer reading program and the school picnic.