Friday, June 18, 2010

Writing Friday

Did I do housework today?
Did I work at the library today?
Did I cook up a storm?
Did I do things with the 10 year old on her last day of school?
(she made arrangements to go to the pool with a group of friends and had an enjoyable day off from everything. Okay, a half-day, since she is in the special choral group that sang in the morning during the 5th grade graduation.)

Actually, I had a very productive day printing out manuscripts and getting them ready to send out.

One that I'm especially proud of is the manuscript that I sent to the Hunger Mountain Katherine Paterson writer's contest. I finally managed to get the first page of that manuscript to say what I had visualized. Every time I had revised that page before, it still sounded clunky. But today I figured out the words and phrases I needed to make it sparkle. Yippee!

The Deadline for the Katherine Paterson Prize for YA and Children’s Writing is June 30th! And I got mine into the mail, today. How about you?


Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes said...

Good for you. Getting manuscripts in the mail is a good thing.

laurasalas said...

Way to go, Wendie! Good luck!