Friday, May 6, 2011

Birds in the Sunporch

Another house sparrow built her nest in our sunporch this year. Today was fledgling day. For the first time in years, I got to see our sunporch filled with baby birds, flapping wildly, trying to figure out how to get OUT of this glassed in porch. (In other years I was at work when it happened.)

Several figured out that they needed to flutter over to the 3 inch high slot above the windows where mama and papa bird waited -- yelling at them. We had to open the windows for the other two, and remove the screens, but still they cowered near the floor. Eventually they found the open windows and fluttered away.

Note to self, add a cat to my "Birds in the Sunporch" picture book. Our cats spent hours in the sunporch this year, probably wishing a bird would fly into their mouth -- but they missed it. The cats were somewhere else when it happened.