Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog/ Website of Note-- April Pulley Sayre

Today's blog of interest actually is a website.
April Pulley Sayre is a naturalist who writes about -- you guessed it -- various forms found in nature. Her latest post on her website is all about how she came to write Rah Rah Radishes, a Vegetable Chant.

She has done a variety of 'Chant' books -- Bird, Bird, Bird, and Ant, Ant, Ant, and Trout, Trout, Trout, plus what seems to be thousands of other nature picture books.
Although it's an older book, her Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! has been reissued and is racking up the awards,
And her Vulture View is a Theodor Geisel Honor Book.

Some of her books have been placed in the picture book section of the library, while others are in the nonfiction area. Go Figure. (and those of you who have been reading this blog a while will recognize her name -- I've reviewed several of her books here for Nonfiction Monday.)

If you love books about nature, go/ read/ enjoy.

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