Friday, May 20, 2011

The quiet on the Home Front

As you've probably heard, Blogger had problems a little while ago. Not only couldn't we bloggers get into our blogs to post, but blogger ate some of the more recent posts we had written.

Secondly, there have been some medical disasters within my family, including me coping with a bout of pneumonia.

Thirdly, I've been working hard on my writing packets (assignments) for Vermont College. Only one more to go and then on to the next semester.

All this is to explain why this blog has been so quiet, lately.

I was too ill to attend the 11-year-old's instrumental concert, so she gave me a special concert when she got home -- demonstrating the viola's part. Lovely. It's too bad she's not going to continue with the viola. She sounded so good. (especially interesting considering she refused to practice.)

Sunday is her voice recital. Monday is the concert of the Elementary School's chorus and Madrigals. (She's in the Madrigals and is hoping to be chosen to be in the Middle School's Honor Choir, once she gets there, next year.)
And Tuesday is her Girl Scout Court of Awards. Busy, busy.

Meanwhile I do the mundane things: shopping, washing clothes, and writing/ writing/ writing.
Maybe I'll even have a moment when I can attend to the business side of writing and send out some of my completed manuscripts. -wo

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