Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog -- Through the Tollbooth

If you have a mad desire to get a daily dose of writing craft information, you couldn't choose a better place than the Through the Tollbooth blog.

It's run by graduates of Vermont College of Fine Arts, Writing for Children and Young Adults and features one aspect of craft during a week, discussing it in five tasty chunks. Or it has interviews of children's book authors. Or it features new children's books. Actually, all of the above.

The Booth Crew includes:
Sarah Aronson
Tami Lewis Brown,
Liz Gallagher,
Gretchen Geser,
N. Griffin,
Teresa Harris,
Helen Hemphill,
Sarah Blake Johnson,
Carrie Jones,
Michelle Knudson
Clete Barrett Smith.
Sarah Sullivan,
Zu Vincent
(and in the interest of disclosure, I know several of these writers.)

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