Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attention teachers out there

If you are a teacher or you know any teachers, or even school librarians or principals, they might be interested in this message from author, Laurel Snyder.
Feel free to pass it along.

She is offering a Skype Tour to 100 classrooms in 100 days this fall!
The first 30 teachers/ media specialists/ librarians/ (probably includes principals and veeps) to sign up for this tour will get a free copy of her new book, Bigger than a Bread Box.
She will also be providing reading guides and other tools to anyone who wants that, too.

Just click on over to her blog BewilderBLOG and sign up.
The sooner she gets 100 classes confirmed, the sooner she can set the schedule.

Did I forget to mention that it's free?
Sounds like fun. -w

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