Monday, July 18, 2011

NonFiction Monday And Vermont

Nonfiction Monday is being held at Chapter Book of the Day today. Click on over and follow the links to good books.

Sunday we had the morning off, so I drove around the Montpiellier area and discovered the Ben and Jerry's factory -- free samples, yum. As we exited, I bought some Ice cream themed PJs for the 11 year old and a scoop of (strange new flavor) ice cream for me. Hmmm, it's NOT on the way back to the airport. I wonder if I'll have time to bop back there for more before I head to the airport. But it'll be right after breakfast.... maybe not.

I'm enjoying having a car up here which means that I can occasionally get off campus.
After the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, our class will go out to eat together. This time at an Italian place. And this time I don't have to beg a ride from anyone. I can be the driver, instead. The college is on top of a steep hill and, although I can walk down it, walking back up takes twice as long, for me.

I'm trying to build my stamana by walking up the stairs to one of the lecture halls, instead of taking the elevator.
During readings in the evenings, I knit.
I've completed one scarf and are almost done with another. (I'm not attempting anything complicated -- just straight knitting.)

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