Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Monday (July 4th) we went to see the fireworks with the two grandkids. We left early because I wanted to try a new place to view them. Recently we've been watching the display that shoots off in the playing fields south of Calvert Hall school for boys. Unfortunately that meant we had to park in a shopping center parking lot, complete with the blazing lights of the shopping center.

I was brought up seeing fireworks being displayed over fields or being shot over a lake. The parking lot lights really annoyed me.

We had heard that we could enjoy the same fireworks by sitting in the playing fields of a nearby elementary school. So off we went this year to see if we could park anywhere close by. About a block or two away, we found a good spot to park, unloaded our folding canvas chairs, gathered our snacks, and explored the playing fields.

When we settled in the middle field, near the baseball diamond, the girls ran off to play on the school playground. When they returned, they discovered more people had set up in the field and some were lighting Roman Candles and other fireworks in the center of the dirt baseball diamond. Even more people came, some wearing glowing necklaces and crowns. This inspired the younger grandkid to get out her light-up Koosh and wave it around.

Once the first firework exploded -- behind the largest tree on the edge of the playing field -- we realized we needed to move our chairs. To the Left. To the Left. To the left, left, left, until we could clearly see the display.

This was more like it.
Colored designs in a darkening sky and a community of friendly people watching and enjoying them on a dark, grassy ground. Just like I remembered from my childhood.
Soooo, how was YOUR Fourth?

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MG Higgins said...

It may seem boring, but we watch the city fireworks from the comfort of our upstairs bedroom where we have a perfect view. As for the sense of community, well....