Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vermont College -- Notes

I'm going to be posting tidbits about my adventure at Vermont College of Fine Arts during the 10 day Residency. (If I can get the internet to cooperate.)

Yesterday, Classes at Vermont College didn't start today until 3 pm, so I took the car and drove up the mountain behind Montpelier.

and up.

and up.

Found a Maple sugar place and bought sugar. YUM.

Then took a different way home, drove off the map, found myself coming down a different side of the mountain on a dirt road. Eventually landed on Route 2 and wended my want back to the college. Just barely in time for the 3:00 gathering of all students.

The first lecture was in the evening was by the resident poet, Julie Larios. Her theme was "Who am I. The Lonely Riddle Reveals." The carry-away tidbit from her talk was, "How minds use language to organize the world affects the way we write. Riddles interrupt this and make us think.... and rethink."


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