Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will e-books replace print books?

If you have been on one side or the other of the PRINT IS DEAD argument, you'll find this article by Seanan McGuire to be food for thought. Click on over to Across the Digital Divide and look at the discussion from the viewpoint of about 20% of Americans -- and a heck of a lot more people in other countries.

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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Thank you for posting the link. Seanan's is a powerful posting about the problem, of which my husband and I have had a constant awareness since the beginning of the computer revolution. We could see it coming. I have an e-reader, and it does have many advantages, but we also have a house full of books to the point that my husband once said that we need a house with a library. I said, no, what we need is a library with living quarters attached!

Thanks again. Makes me feel even happier that I recently made a double contribution to the First Book project, which provides books for children who do not have them in their homes.