Monday, March 14, 2016

Raindrops are Falling on my Roof

It rained in Southern California this weekend.
Not something we see often here.
(although El Nino has been kind to us this year)

I had forgotten to wash my teen's leotard and I knew it wouldn't air dry in time for her to wear it that night, so had I hung it outside from a nail at the edge of my condo's roof.  Blowing in the wind. (it was in the sunshine for a half hour, then clouds and wind came.  Good, sez I, that will make it dry faster.

Then I went back to my computer, writing and peeking at Facebook every so often.

The next time I looked outside - RAIN had started!  You can bet I ran outside and brought the leotard back inside.  Five minutes later the storm hit and it poured.

Good thing I got it inside when I did.
(it was mostly dry by the time teen needed it for ballet that evening.)

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