Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Beverly Cleary

Interesting article about the new Ramona book from Beverly Cleary can be found here.
Quite a change for the kid who failed Kindergarten.

And here's another article -- from Fuse #8 about J.K Rowling's eighth Harry Potter book to come out in 2010.



Wendie O said...

April Fool


Anonymous said...

Oh, you got me. This is what comes of finding a blog AFTER April 1st and skimming through posts without looking at the dates!

Thanks for mentioning my interview with Barrie Summy, in the Edge of the Forest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Amy, we just met at the library today... like Becky below me (or above? I forget how blogspot comments work, too used to Livejournal), I read this after April 1! I knew there was no 8th Harry Potter book, but I was curious as to how this rumor came about until I read the comments. :P