Saturday, February 13, 2010

Digging out

I keep meaning to post a message here, but I've been too tired.
We've had two snowstorms, one 26 inches and the one several days later -- over 15 inches. It took us two and a half days to shovel out from the two footer. We haven't even tried to shovel out from this last one. Just cleared the way for our cars to reach the street and shoveled a narrow path to the door we use when we leave the house.

Maybe we'll work some more on clearing things on Sunday. However, the piles of snow surrounding the cleared areas are reaching 6 feet or more. I simply can't throw over them anymore.

I keep wondering how people handle this in Upper New York/ Vermont/ New Hampshire/ Maine. (actually, people there are complaining that they are not getting their usual amounts of snow this year -- we've stolen it.)

Oh, a funny thing happened while we were shoveling out on Thursday. A young man came by and offered to help us shovel out if we would pay him $10. We should have taken him up on this.

However, being honest, we pointed out everything that needed to be shoveled. (see the driveway -- it needs to be cleared over to those bent down spruce trees. And they have to have the snow shaken off them, so they will straighten back up allowing the rest of the driveway to be cleared. Then we'll proceed to clear the brick walkway down to that old (18th century) stone oven. The walkway continues around the side of the house....)

By this time he just stood there in shock, jaw dropping open. Then he collected himself, gave himself a little shake, and said, "Carry on." And walked on down the road. (sidewalks are covered with four feet of snow.) He was making himself a tidy sum by charging $10 and spending less than an hour shoveling cars and sidewalks. No way was he going to spend several days with us.

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