Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow -- The Blizzard of 2010

We got over 2 feet of snow.
Many places in Maryland got more.
We worked at clearing the snow most of the day. I stopped shoveling at sunset.
I didn't feel too bad until I sat down and now every muscle and bone aches.

My husband refused to stop plowing/ shoveling until .. well, until he stopped, because he was afraid he'd never move again after he stopped. But we still haven't reached the street.
We plowed and shoveled the brick walk. He plowed 1/3rd of the driveway while I shoveled my way over to the cars and was able to partially dig out my husband's car. Mine is still under drifts of snow.

He did part of the other third of the driveway and stopped. Now he has to figure out how to get snow off the last third, which is up hill and used to have a drop off where he would push snow, but the drop off is filled up with drifted snow.
Tomorrow, I have to get out there and help him shovel the last third of the driveway to the street.

Unfortunately, temperatures are low -- 20s and teens, so what's left is going to freeze into an ice pack, being even more difficult to plow and shovel tomorrow. But we will keep digging, because we have to. If libraries are open on Monday, we are required to be there. (I even have a program for toddlers scheduled in the morning. Don't know if anyone will show up for it.)

I had a school visit scheduled for Friday, which was cancelled, where I was going to talk about research and revision.
I have a family night program scheduled (in Washington, DC, about an hour and a half away) for Wednesday. It's possible that'll be cancelled, too. Another storm is forecast for then. Next, I have a Reading Association event scheduled Saturday the 20th. Guess what the predictions are for that weekend, too.
Yup, snow.

It used to be that we didn't schedule programs at the library in January because of Ice and snow -- but the seasons have slipped lately and it's Feb and March that seem to have the bad weather, not January.

The 10 year old had a friend sleep over Friday night. The two 10-year olds were very helpful with the snow shoveling. (when they weren't playing in it.) But, since we never were able to reach the street, she's snowed in here and has to sleep over a second night. Tomorrow we hope we can make it to the street so that she can walk to her home several blocks away. I don't think her street has even been plowed, yet. -wendieO


exconsulto said...

Wow! It's hard to imagine that much snow there. My sister in the DC beltway had a tree fall on her house from all the snow.

Mary Ann Dames said...

We had 2 inches of rain in southern California. Not like your snow but enough to cause mud slides in the burn areas.