Monday, May 17, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- How Do Animals Keep Clean?

How Do Animals Keep Clean? by Faith Hickman Brynie. Illustrated by photographs -- various photographers given credit. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2010.

Interesting -- this series of books (I Like Reading about Animals!) is written on two reading levels. The first sentences on the page are short and easy to read. Then a longer paragraph (in a colored box) gives more information about the animal. Good for parent/ child sharing or teacher/ child sharing.

"What is this Lion doing?" introduces a page explaining how cats lick themselves clean -- but shows lions doing it.

"Is this eel going to eat the shrimp?" Good question? Actually the shrimp is cleaning the eel's teeth.

"Why is this zebra rolling in the dust?" The same reason birds 'dust' themselves. (although the book doesn't say this, but some parents and children might know.) To get insects out of their hair.

Three books and two websites are listed in the "Learn More" area.
Plus a very detailed index.
Where is the glossary? -- A "Words to Know" section is at the FRONT of the book, right after the table of contents.

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