Sunday, May 2, 2010

This week

Well, my writing week is over and now I have to put my Librarian hat back on.
What did I accomplish?

The dog story is revised -- as per the 5 critiques it got in March.
Spell checked
printed out
and packed away to read next weekend.
It needs another run-through before I send it to another writer who will give it a second look.

The 10-year old's room has been organized and most of her clean wash put away. (we're now in the process of packing away outgrown clothes -- if I can tear them away from her. (NO! That's my favorite! Sorry honey, it doesn't fit anymore.)

The living room is looking spiffy and the dining room is semi-organized. I don't think we'll ever get the construction stuff out of the hallway, tho.

The 10-year old took me out for a pre-Mother's day dinner, since her vocal recital is next Sunday and we can't plan to do much that day.

But now, to bed
and back to work on Monday.


Irmgarde said...

just wanted to tell you that I really like the Groundhog book cover ... haven't read that yet. I'd better get busy and put a hold on it. :-)

Wendie O said...

The Groundhog book was fun to write. And the illustrator used a Folkmanis puppet to help her illustrate the book. (I gave her one.) She did a great job with both that book and the Halloween book. -w