Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Visit - Lowell School

I really enjoyed my visit to the Lowell School's Family Night on Tuesday. (Do click on the link. It's a lovely campus.)

I was so anxious about traveling to Washington, DC, in the middle of rush hour traffic during a rainy day, that I left my house north of Baltimore two hours early. Was I surprised when I discovered that I was moving against the rush hour traffic. I arrived over an hour early! That meant I could sit in the parking lot and read a book until closer to the time to show up.

Getting into the school was an adventure. I take two suitcases along to my school visits. One contains a 2 foot model of the Wright brothers' first airplane. The other contains the rest of my supplies. So there I was, trudging up the hill with my train of suitcases, looking for the handicapped entrance. Only to be met with stairs and more stairs. Finally a parent took pity on me and helped me up the stairs. (There was an elevator, but it was run by a key and nobody could find the person with the key. The key person escorted me when I was ready to leave at the end of the program.)

This evening was a huge book sale to benefit some of the reconstruction and expansion of the school. As the featured author, I gave two talks about books and writing and read parts of several books. Since the age ranged from preschool to middle school, it's lucky that i write for various ages and had a variety of books to show. What a great audience they were.

A big thank-you to Holly Johnson for organizing my visit to this event. And to all the other people who picked up the reins when she had to attend a family event, instead of this school event. -wendie old

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