Friday, May 28, 2010

Who you Gonna Call?

Many people (I hope) know that libraries are one of the important community service groups whose funds are being cut these days -- right when people, both workers and those out of work, need the free information and services that libraries provide.

A little while ago some ghosts invaded the New York City Public Library. Click here to watch the video of it, and to see some of the behind the scenes planning of this public service spot for the campaign, "Don't close the book on the library," done by the group Improv Everywhere.

Betsy Bird, a children's librarian who actually works in the building where it was filmed, talks here on her blog, A Fuse #8 Production, about this event. (plus some other videos) Enjoy. -wendie O

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Clara Gillow Clark said...

Just to say that I love libraries! Thanks for this ghostie post!