Monday, June 7, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- The Smash! Smash! Truck

The Smash! Smash! Truck, Recycling as You've Never Heard it Before! by Professor Potts. London: David Fickling Books, 2010.

Who is Professor Potts? Beats me. I've gone to his website and still am not sure. This seems to be a comic book writer/ artist, possibly named Aiden Potts, who is branching out into children's books.

Easy reading? yes.
Boy appeal? yes -- lots of Smashes and Bangs.
Recycling? yes -- down to the last atom.

From the creation of everything with the Big BANG, the atoms that make up our universe are constantly being re-used.
The water cycle is quickly mentioned.
As is the plant cycle.

But since this book is narrated by a glass bottle, naturally the GLASS cycle takes a prominent part. Gathering used bottles/ smashing them/ melting them down/ to make -- more bottles. With lots of smashes. (and day-glow print) (There are even coloring pages on his website from this book, with instructions to use day-glow markers.

A fun look at recycling. It's too bad that it will be lost in the 363s when so many preschoolers and early elementary kids would enjoy it. Try putting it on display so they can find it.

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enjoy. -wendieO


Charlotte said...

This sounds excellent!

And not just because I've never read a book narrated by a glass bottle...(and now I'm wondering--does the bottle know what's going to happen to it? does it mind?)

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant combination! Now to go convince that toddler who had me hunting for his current favorite truck this morning . . . perhaps a read of this book will inspire a new truck-love? :-)

Wendie O said...

Oh, then let me also recommend
Truckery rhymes / written by Jon Scieszka. Your Toddler will love it and you will get giggles because you know what the real Mother Goose rhymes are supposed to be. slightly warped by Scieszka.

Charlotte, yes, the glass bottle knows -- it's a know-it-all bottle.