Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog/ Journal -- Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen, who has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America and the Aesop ofthe twentieth century, doesn't actually keep a Blog.
She keeps a Journal on her website where she jots down notes about writing and life, with occasional bursts of poetry. She calls it "Telling the True."

Her latest entry was mid-May where she was packing for her annual summertime move to Scotland, her second home. Her thought for that entry was, "The ups and downs of being a writer on two sides of the Atlantic." On the upside are things she loves about Scotland. The downside is not knowing if the thing she is looking for is in her cabinet in Scotland or somewhere in the house in Massachusetts.

She'll begin writing journal entries again when she gets settled in Scotland. She doesn't write every day. Instead, she'll talk about what happened during the past week or so in one entry.

I think she has had over 300 books published, so I'm sure you've read at least one of her adult or children's books sometime in your life -- even if it only was reading one of her Dinosaur books to a two year old.
Check out Jane Yolen's Journal here.

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