Sunday, July 3, 2011

Medieval sims arrive in our house

My husband wanted to give the 11-year old a graduation present.
Her desire?
The medieval package for her Sims program.

So they (husband, 'tween, and 'tween's best friend) drove the new Ranger Truck to the Towson Town Center shopping center. Both girls wanted to squeeze into the back of the cab, on the fold down, side-facing seats. They insisted they were comfortable, but it certainly looked like a tight fit back there. Amazingly enough, he had no trouble with the parking -- it's so much smaller than the old Dodge Ram Truck we used to own.

But the Apple Store was so crowded it was hard to move around. He found what he needed pretty quickly on the shelves, while the two girls looked for Sims 3 Medieval. They no longer have a big display of non-Apple software, so no Sims on display. The next thing he knew, our "shy" (just ask her and she'll tell you she's so shy) granddaughter had literally tackled a salesperson, who grabbed another salesperson, and the two of them went to look in the storage room. They came out a few minutes later with what they said was the LAST copy of Sims 3 Medieval in the store.

Thanks to "shy" Ariana they were in and out of the store in about 10 minutes. Given the Sunday mob in the store, it would have taken much long if they had waited in the queue. The girls are currently building Medieval Empires -- one on her desktop and the other sitting beside her, using the iPad.


Peni R. Griffin said...

I'm a big Sims2 fan and there's no prospect of my ever undertaking this game, but I'm not into edition wars: game enthusiasm, like literature enthusiasm, is always heartening to see!

EA is notoriously user-unfriendly when problems arise, so I thought I'd link you (if your daughter doesn't know the place already) to a useful discussion site for the different sims games. I think you have to be over 12 to join for legal reasons, but they have extensive resources and FAQs, and there are always ways around age limitations.

Happy simming, world building, and storytelling (though I believe all the Sims3 versions lack a storytelling tool; one reason I'm unlikely ever to play).

WendieO said...

Thanks, Peni. I'll see if my husband and child know about this site.

I do know that the 11-year old watches videos done by some Sims master builder and has even submitted some of her house designs to him. She LOVES creating the houses. I think she'll be an architect when she grows up.

She's not so interested in the people or the storyline. She and her friend tend to torture the people by making them oddly shaped and dressing them badly and putting them into odd situations. And then ignoring them to go build another house.