Sunday, October 14, 2012

Interview with Jane Yolen

A little background note here.  Jane Yolen, author of over (way over by now) 300 books, was one of my first mentors when I began writing seriously. We met on the Children's book writer's area on an internet bulletin board called, GEnie.  (Yes, the spelling is correct.)  Then we met in person while she was teaching children's book writing at CENTRUM in Washington State. (only published people eligible and luckily I had had one or two books published by then.)

If you happen to stop by my website (which will be overhauled sometime early next year, I promise), you'll see a quote from her there:
"Love the writing, 
love the writing, 
love the writing 
... the rest will follow," 
-- Jane Yolen

Now, if you click on over to this website called Before It's News, you'll find an interview with her and many more quotes that you'll probably want to treasure, yourself.  Here's one of my favorites from this article: "You have to live life to have something to write about. You can always find time to write, but you first have to do some living as well."  

I call that, "filling the well."  
The 'well' being the source that feeds your writing.

She was interviewed on this website, because she's giving the next Andrew Lang Lecture at St. Andrews in Scotland on November 1st.  Wow, I wish I could be in that audience.

After you read this interview, do click on over to her website and explore.  I love checking in with her by reading her Journal entries, so do stop back every few days to read it, too.

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