Monday, October 1, 2012

NonFiction Monday -- It's October. Are you Ready for Halloween?

It's October. The harvest month in many parts of our country.

Did you see the full moon, the Harvest moon, last Saturday and Sunday nights? The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. The full moon at the end of this month, is called the Hunter's Moon and will come on October 29th.  Watch it rise. It should rise even more orange in October, probably from the mist caused by the cooler nights and from the dust from the crumbling fallen leaves rising with the mist.

The full moon in October will make it easier for auto drivers to see the Trick or Treaters walking from house to house on Halloween evening. 

A good book for this month is The Halloween Book of Facts and Fun, by Wendie Old (ya -- that's me),  illustrated by Paige Billen-Frye (the lady sitting next to me up there, at the top of my blog), published by Albert Whitman.  If your bookstore doesn't have it on display, they'll order it for you.  

If you are looking for a scary book, try another one.  The pictures in this book are fun, not scary. (Frankenstein and Dracula sitting side by side reading each other's story?) The information is informational, not hyper-hysterical. And there are jokes -- some groaners, but lots that are funny.

It's an "everything you wanted to know about the holiday, but were too scared to ask."
The history of the event -- religious and nonreligious.
Why we carve faces and designs on pumpkins.
A folk tale.
Why Mary Shelley (she was Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin then, not yet married to Shelley -- yes THAT Shelley) wrote the scary story, Frankenstein.
Is there a REAL Dracula? (yes, I do mean in the present day)
Halloween jokes.
Plus --
There are Halloween party plans in the back of the book, with food of course.
Have a fun and spoooooky halloween.

Today is Nonfiction Monday. 
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shelf-employed said...

It sounds as if you enjoy a good full moon as much as I do. Wendie and Paige, I'm sorry to say that I've not read your book, but I will place a hold on it tomorrow. Thanks for participating in today's roundup. Happy October.