Monday, October 22, 2012

Nonfiction Monday -- Where to satisfy your nonfiction needs

The Nonfiction Monday roundup of blog posts about interesting Nonfiction books is at Hope is the Word, today.  She's still gathering her links, so I suggest you click on over to that page later in the afternoon.

if you'd like to read posts written by nonfiction authors about their writing process (or anything else that pops into their heads), click on over to one of my favorite blogs, INK -- Interesting Nonfiction for Kids. 

go check out Nonfiction Matters.  Unfortunately, Marc Aronson (no relation to lovely, talented author Sarah Aronson) has stopped writing this blog in order to have more time for working on his own books and his monthly column for the School Library Journal magazine, but you can still browse through his older, very thoughtful posts.

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Perogyo said...

Great resource, thanks!