Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ladies, If you use a credit card make sure YOU are the primary account holder

Ladies, keep checking the status of your checking and charge card accounts.

It turns out that someone (Republicans?) passed a bill recently (date corrected to 2009) that stipulates that when the primary holder of a credit account dies, the account closes. It used to be that if you had a joint account with your husband, you were still part of that account, but no longer.  He's dead, so you are legally dead, as well and you can't use the store credit account.

Another anti-women action.  For years we had equal rights with checking accounts and they didn't have to be in the man's name, but no longer.  And here I thought that battle had been fought already in the 1970s and won, darn it.

Good-by Macy's credit account.  No, I don't want to begin a new account.
 I had an account with you/ I was the only person using the account/ I had a good credit record with you, but you have declared me a NON-person and closed the account.

Therefore ladies, you need to get yourself placed as the primary account holder if it's an account you usually use.
Do it NOW.

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